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For Father’s Day

“So this Father’s Day, remember the bereaved dad. For his burden is heavy: taking care of his wife, assuring her he loves her and will always be with her. Remember him, because he carries his ... See more

For Mother’s Day I wrote a post meant for all mothers in all stages of their motherhood journey. And so I thought, all fathers should be honored and recognized, no matter what part of their f…

2 years ago
MEMORIAL WALK, Emma's footprints

Emma's Footprints Memorial Walk is Saturday, October 13th! Everything you need to know is up on the new site. Here's your checklist:

1. Check out the information
2. Talk to your family and ... See more

Memorial Walk - 10.

2 years ago

Happy Father's Day. Today is hard. It reminds us of what we have lost. It reminds us of what "could have been" It reminds us of how much we miss our little ones. It reminds us that life isn't ... See more

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Photos from Emma's Footprints's post

It's a beautiful morning for the 3rd Annual Chloe Ellise Memorial Golf Tournament! A HUGE thank you to Ken and Heather Parks who put this event together and raise money to help us achieve our ... See more

2 years ago
Guys & Grief & Father’s Day after Baby Loss – The Love and Loss Project

Father's Day is only 2 days away, and we know that for bereaved parents dates on the calendar can be really hard. Take a moment to read this article and let's rally around the men in our life. ... See more

(As much as I wish it could, we both know this isn’t going to take the pain away. But it is going to make it easier to get through.)

2 years ago
Home, Emma's footprints

The day is here. It's finally here. We are so excited to share our new, updated website with you all! If you like scavenger hunts, we have created one for you to enjoy. Every completed scavenger hunt ... See more

  About Us OUR STORY Emma’s Footprints was founded in memory of Emma Kathryn Dailey, who was born into Heaven.

2 years ago

Ugh. Today. I want to take it off the calendar. Julie, I want to carry all your pain, hurt, disappointment, and fear. I love you. You are strong, and not just because you are strong, but because you ... See more

2 years ago

5 days until the new website launch!

2 years ago
Emma's Footprints

Love Schwan's? Love Emma's Footprints? Please click the link and consider purchasing your favorite products. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Emma's!

By placing an order through Schwans.com a portion of the sales will come back in support of our campaign!

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