Our People



Our goal is to sustain loss parents and their families through the fog of grief and care for them in every stage of healing and hope after loss. From providing financial support for funeral costs and emotional support through group meetings and one-on-one connections with our Care Team, Emma’s offers many services to help families in their time of need. We could not provide these services without your generous donation. Thank you for in advance for supporting our mission and providing help, hope, and healing to our families. 




Care Packages


Loss is hard and grief is messy. Sometimes it’s difficult for friends and relatives to know what to say or do when a loved one experiences the loss of a child. A simple way to show you care and that you are ready to walk with a loss family through their grief is to send an Emma’s Care Package. Each care package comes with a journal, a New Testament Bible, and a beautiful necklace with the baby’s first initial, all tied together in a beautiful white linen pouch. Care Packages cost $50 and we will assemble the package, personalize the note and mail it for you.




Video Coming Soon


Emma’s Footprints is embarking on an exciting journey to produce an educational video that will provide much-needed information for our families. “What to Expect: Help, Hope and Healing after pregnancy or infant loss” will equip families with the tools needed to begin the healing process. When a family has a baby, there are so many tools, classes, and brochures that help prepare them to parent their baby. When a family leaves the hospital empty handed there are currently no tools to help prepare them for the difficult days and months that are going to come as they stumble through grief.